PowerUp 2600mAh


Give your electronic devices that extra boost when you’re out travelling or enjoying adventure sports. With two charging ports and tough, shock and water-resistant casing, the Simian PowerUp provides a portable power station for any and all of your handheld electronics.

Durable anti-shock, water-resistant casing

Just like you, this travel charger is ready for a little adventure. The sealed casing is dust proof, water resistant and shock resistant, so whether you’re hiking, climbing, biking, or camping, you can rest assured your that portable power station will remain secure and reliable.

Small, light, and portable

This portable battery pack weighs under 3 ounces, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It takes up almost no room in your pack or suitcase and is the most space-efficient way to power your devices available today.

USB connection charges all your portable devices

Featuring a USB port for connectivity, this portable powerbank is universally compatible with smart phones, tablets, e-readers, and cameras alike. Simply plug in your device and sit back as it powers up to be fully charged. Package includes one micro USB cable.

Holds 2,600 mAh of power in a tiny package

2,600 mAh easily powers a standard smart phone from 0% battery life all the way to 100%. And if it’s not a smart phone you want to charge, don’t worry-the 2,600 mAh provided by this outdoor battery pack will add hours of additional battery life to all your other devices too.